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Eugene Hoping for points at Brands Hatch

This weekend sees Eugene and the team return to Brands Hatch for the final time this season, it promises to be quite a weekend

After the epic journey to Assen and back last time out, you could forgive the boys for feeling a bit jaded by all the travelling, but not a bit of it. The team are as upbeat as ever and they hope to put in a good performance this weekend to dispel the memory of Eugenes two DNF’s last time out on the Brands GP circuit.

It remains to be seen if the team adopt the same cautious approach seen in recent meetings. previously, they have steadily build their speed for a final crack at Sunday’s race, rather than letting Eugene off the leash right from the word go. It’s a formula that has served them well recently, but as this is the third time out at brands, maybe we will see Eugene Jr express himself more fully once he has a few laps under his belt on this most famous of circuits.

We shouldn’t be quick to put pressure on this young rider though, what he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for with his fearless riding style. If you take a look back at the footage of the last time Eugene Jnr rode here in August, he looked incredibly quick and could yet, provide another good result for his fledgling team.

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