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  • Johny Wills

2018 Preview - putting in a shift..

As the 2018 season approaches for E15 Racing, I caught up with Eugene Jnr and Paddy from Spartan Fitness Belfast, to get an insight into winter training and the dedication a rider puts into his pre-season regime. In 2018 Eugene will again compete in The Motostar British Championship on a Moto3 RS Racing KTM.


"As Eugene approaches his 3rd racing season with me, i know his body just as well as he knows it himself, so i can read him and his movements very well. We start around November time with some light mobility & flexibility work, we dedicate the early sessions to just that, muscle health and looseness is very important for any athlete, especially a growing one.

Eugene gives me constant feedback on his body, even in his day to day life. Then we start to add resistance bands, trx work and reaction training, as a motorbike rider needs to not only be strong in a race but also have split second decision making with pin point strength & control in flowing through a race and cornering at high speeds.

We slowly add to his strength & conditioning with compound lifts, explosive movements all while keeping him light as humanly possible. As a Moto 3 rider, his weight is an extremely important factor, Eugene Snr over sees this with a fine tooth comb.

Young Eugene and his family have made me apart of theirs and we are an extremely strong team, Eugene has shown commitment and dedication like i have never seen, the wee man works so hard for his racing career and expects nothing handed to him, he goes out and puts in the work needed and more. He is a credit to his family and I am honoured to be a part of his life."

Spartan Fitness Belfast is about to celebrate its first year of opening, based in Belfast City Centre, Patrick Laughlin provides training for elite athletes and new novices in a private gym, well equipped to cover sports specific training, strength and conditioning, kettlebell training, post natal excersise and sports massage. With 5 years martial arts experience, Paddy also provides kickboxing and boxing training.

Head over to Paddy's facebook page for more info

Eugene Jnr " Without doubt Paddy is the reason I'm now able to compete for a British Championship, his dedication and enthusiasm in training pushes me to better myself, training is hard but fun and every part of my routine is geared towards my racing, whether it be strength work or balance. I cannot thank Paddy enough for all the work he puts in, I'm fighting fit and ready for a strong year!!"

The Wee Bull had a brief run out on a moto2 bike at Donington this week even though preparations are well underway for his assault on the Motostar Championship starting at Brands in April. There is no doubt he will be amongst the front runners and favourites to battle for the Moto3 crown won by Tom Booth Amos in 2017. Keep up to speed with The Wee Bull's progress all season here at E15 HQ!!

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