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  • Johny Wills

Brands Preview - Final Round of 2018

Normally at this time before a race weekend, I write a little preview about the upcoming event and what to expect from Team E15 and our two riders Eugene Junior and James. I have decided to change things a little, with this being the final round of 2018 and possibly my last opportunity to write a personal message to the McManus family. I hope it's well received.....

It's been an absolute honour and privilege to work for, and enjoy the company of the best racing team in the BSB paddock. Whatever the result, The McManus family have always stood together, moved onto the next weekend and embraced each race with a passionate enthusiasm, topped off with plenty of smiles and laughter. The racing of course, is taken seriously, the mechanics work tirelessly all weekend and the riders put in 100%. But what makes this team special is the bond between all involved at E15. As with many Irish racing families, it's definitely in the blood and the two young stars in this team have the best tutor money cant :-)

I'm sure many who know Eugene Senior, will share my admiration for the man himself, his own racing career and now, as he passes on his experience to the lads as they start their own racing journey. Always alongside him and never far away is Mike King, who has worked with both senior during his career and now with the young guns.  Mike is assisted by Aodhan, who has developed a real talent in the couple of years I've known him, with a mentor like "Scoot" it's no surprise this lad knows his way around a moto3 bike now. Mike is a genius and one of the nicest fellas I've ever had the honour to call a friend!

Eugene Senior and Vickie have been very generous and kind with their time, honesty and support, as I've struggled with my own personal issues in 2018. In fact all the team and family have been incredibly supportive and understanding. Thank you to each and every one of you xx

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team, and for those that don't know who I am that's absolutely fine. I was given the task of writing reports, taking photos and raising the profile of Team E15 and I'm delighted to say we have had thousand's of people reading and hopefully liking what I've produced. I'm taking a year off in 2019 for personal reasons and will undoubtedly miss being part of team McManus, 

To Wee James :-D god help us this lad is trouble!! 14 years old, riding in a British championship what more is there to say, it's incredible to see and I'm sure we will hear about Jimmy for many years to come. A delightful young lad with bags of energy and always smiling !!

To the Wee Bull himself - It's been a pleasure to watch you progress as a rider and see you develop into a real talent. You conduct yourself as well, If not better than any professional rider I've worked with and are a star in the making!! I will be cheering you on from the sofa next season and definitely keeping up to speed, thank you mate it's been an awesome experience !!

I'm Johny, media officer for Team E15, thank you to everyone for your continued support of this wonderful team, I know it's appreciated.....

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