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  • Jeremy Ryan

McManus hospitalised after crash

To say Brands Hatch did not go according to plan would be a huge understatement. In qualifying McManus Junior had an accident on the run down from Paddock Hill Bend and Druids. Unfortunately, another rider following close behind was unable to avoid Eugene as he lay on the ground.

Eugene MacManus Junior is currently in the King's College Hospital in London. He has a broken femur and dislocated his hip in the incident at Brands Hatch. This caused some internal bleeding. But he is on the mend.

Eugene would like to thank the excellent marshals and medical staff at the circuit after it happened. He would also like to express his continued thanks to the doctors and medical staff at Kings College Hospital for his ongoing treatment.

He would also like to wish Ryan Vickers a speedy recovery who is in the ward opposite. Thank you all for your concern. The McManus family and all at E15 Racing really appreciate it.

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